All vehicles are located on site, at City of Norfolk Towing and Recovery, 1188-A Lance Rd, Norfolk, VA 23502

AUCTION IN PERSON INSPECTION: Tuesday, November 7, 2023, 10 AM-2 PM or Watch our YouTube video HERE!

AUCTION ENDS: Thursday, November 9, beginning at 10:30 AM and one item every minute, thereafter.

BIDDING: We strongly encourage Bidders to do their research BEFORE placing bids. At the same time you place a bid, you may also place a Max Bid, which will enable the system to place bids, on your behalf, in the pre-set increments. The system will increase your bid ONLY when/if another Bidders places a bid, against you. Example: if you place a starting bid for $250 with a Max Bid for $1000, and no one else bids, you win the vehicle for $250. If another Bidder places bids for $300, the system automatically will place a bid of $350, for you.  NOTE: If you place a Max Bid for $1000 the day before the auction ends, and someone else places a bid for $1000, the morning of the auction, our system will choose YOU as the winning bidder, since you placed a bid for that amount first

AUCTION PICKUP: ALL vehicles are to be picked up by appointment ONLY on Thursday, November 9th (1 PM - 9 PM) and Friday, November 10th (8:30 AM - 8 PM) Once the auction has ended and invoices have been emailed to winning bidders, the Norfolk Towing Operations staff will call each winning bidder, to schedule an appointment. If you would like to contact them, call (757) 441-1062.

DEPOSIT & PAYMENTS: A $100.00 credit card deposit will be charged to each bidder's credit card on file. The deposit will be refunded within 24 hours. Cash, VISA, Master Card, American Express and checks are accepted as payment only, and must be made, in person, at the time of appointment. Please note: any winning bid that includes cents will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar. If your bid was $5555.55, you will be invoiced $5556.

INSPECTION & PREVIEW: No touching of items in the vehicles will be permitted. All due diligence belongs to the bidder. We STRONGLY recommend that you purchase a CarFax report, prior to placing a bid. If you have any questions pertaining to bidding please call Natalie at 757-287-8797 BEFORE placing a bid.


WARRANTY, CONDITIONS & DESCRIPTIONS: All items are sold as-is, where-is, with NO warranties expressed or implied, and there are NO refunds. Please read the description & examine the photos when bidding.

AUCTION RULES FOR PROSPECTIVE BUYER: Placing a bid contractually binds you, by law, to pay for an item, should your bid win. Payment is required, whether or not you pick up your item(s). There will be no refunds or chargebacks allowed on any item, for any reason whatsoever. Bidder information provided at registration will be the name and address placed on the Bill of Sale and Affidavit of DEPARTMENT OF PUBLIC WORKS DIVISION OF TOWING & RECOVERY. NO CHANGES will be made to the name or address, once the invoice has been generated. It is the purchaser’s responsibility to ensure all paperwork received is correct, including Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs). If any information is incorrect, City of Norfolk personnel will make the appropriate corrections within twenty-four (24) hours. Compliance: No changes will be made to the Bill of Sale or Affidavit of Compliance.


REMOVAL: We do NOT provide any tools / labor needed for item removal. Repair work on purchased vehicles is NOT PERMITTED within the towing compound (except inflating flat tires or jump starts). Vehicles may be removed from the lot by driving or towing, but buyers should plan on towing, in most cases. When removing vehicles from the lot, proof of ownership must be shown to City of Norfolk personnel at the gate.

ABANDONED ITEMS: ALL VEHICLES MUST BE PICKED UP BY or BEFORE 8 PM Friday, November 10th or will be considered abandoned. Failure to remove vehicles by the specified time will forfeit your rights to the vehicles. NO EXCEPTIONS will be made! Any items not picked up by deadline may be discarded, removed, resold or stored at the seller’s discretion. 

Additional Notes:

  • The City of Norfolk reserves the right to remove any vehicle from auction.
  • Failure to comply with all rules will result in being banned from further City of Norfolk Auctions.

·       The City of Norfolk Division of Towing is selling these vehicles under the Abandoned Vehicle codes of Virginia. Beware that some vehicles may have been previously titled as salvage. No titles are provided; however, all necessary paperwork is provided for the buyer to obtain the title from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

  • The City of Norfolk is not responsible for any arrangements made between a buyer and private contractors.
  • When you place a bid and are notified of winning an item, the item is contractually yours, and any fees associated with moving, removing, discarding or collecting payment whether physical or legal are your responsibility. 
  • No refunds or charge backs are permitted, for any reason.

Check out car history with CARFAX. This service is not affiliated with Auctioneer or City of Norfolk & requires a fee for usage. Click this link for details >>LINK<<

Auctions November 9 Norfolk Towing Auction


: Oct 29, 2023 10:00 AM

: Nov 09, 2023 09:30 AM

Click on the word Terms above to read the Terms SPECIFIC to THIS AUCTION. ^^^
They are different from the Terms that appeared when you registered and they include tips for more successful bidding.
You MUST read, understand, AGREE TO and accept these terms BEFORE bidding on an item in this auction. 
Placing a bid enters you into a LEGALLY BINDING AGREEMENT. Bids CANNOT be retracted and you MUST PAY for any and EVERY item you bin on and win.
$100 Deposit is required to bid on this auction. Deposit will be refunded immediately. 
All vehicles are located on site, at City of Norfolk Towing and Recovery, 1188-A Lance Rd, Norfolk, VA 23502
AUCTION INSPECTION: In person, Tuesday, November 7, 10 AM-2 PM or view our video inspection HERE!
If you have any questions or issues with registration or bidding, please call or text Natalie at 757-287-8797.

AUCTION END DATE: Thursday, November 9, beginning at 10:30 AM with lot #1 & 1 lot, every minute thereafter.
AUCTION PICKUP: ALL vehicles are to be picked up by appointment ONLY on ThursdayNovember 9 (2 PM - 9 PM), and Friday, November 10 (8:30 AM - 8 PM).

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